Born in Würzburg

University Studies | Education

1994 - 2000

Business Administration Studies at the University of Würzburg Including Business Taxation Laws | Auditing | Private Law, as well as Philosophy and Political Science Graduated with the German academic degree of »Diplom-Kaufmann Univ.«, equivalent to an MBA


Public appointment as a »Certified Tax Consultant«/»Steuerberater«


Public appointment as a »Public Auditor«/»Wirtschaftsprüfer«


Awarded the title »Expert Advisor on International Tax Law«/»Fachberater für Internationales Steuerrecht«


Conferment of the title »Certified Executor (AGT)«/»Zertifizierter Testamentsvollstrecker (AGT)«

Professional Career

2001 - 2009

Employed in the tax and auditing departments of international (»Big Four«) and medium-sized auditing firms in their respective offices in Munich

Professional and political involvement | Voluntary activities

1996 - 2002

Member of the local council in Zell a. Main

2014 - 2020

Member of the local council in Zell a. Main

2011 - 2018

Member of the advisory committee at the Chamber of Auditors in Berlin

since 2012

Member of the board of e.V. (Verband für die mittelständische Wirtschaftsprüfung), an association of German public accountants and sworn accountants

2014 - 2018

Member of the Examining Board for Public Auditors

Correspondence Languages

German, English